It always starts during a trip. At an old antique dealer in the Lisboa Bario alto, at the corner of a souk in Essaouira, on a beach on the Basque Coast. In a London art gallery or a museum in Florence. During a bike ride along the Amsterdam canals.

The details of a silhouette. A curve, a line, a thin light. A color, a pattern, a volume. A look, a smile, an emotion.

The intimacy of each of these moments is a unique and precious source of inspiration. The starting point of a new creation, the beginning of a new collection.

At the work of sketches, the choice of materials, the setting of volumes, succeeds the transformation of a memory into a creation of a unique and singular garment in our Parisian workshops.

Alfred & Sisters, made in France with Love


Alfred & Sisters dresses the simple woman, in tune with the times. Joyful, traveler, dreamy, sometimes sulky, always happy. A woman of today who wants to convey a light romantic air without ever losing sight of her biggest premise: to be at first comfortable, but always with elegance.

Classic cups refined or modern worked. Deep plain colours or bright patterns. Light materials or holding fabrics.

Whether it is a dress or a blouse, it is above all a garment that accompanies you in everyday life, a unique piece desirable at a party, essential for any trip, just ideal for a new day.

Welcome to the world of Alfred & Sisters